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Pacific Tower

Paris, France

Design: 1989 August - 1991 June
Construction: 1990 August - 1992 February (Tower)
1992 May - 1993 May (Bridge)
Site area:   3,100 sqm
Building area: 3,100 sqm
Total floor area: 58,367 sqm
Structure: Steel structure and reinforced concrete
26 stories + 3 basements

Design Concept

Pacific Tower is a high-rise office tower in the La Défence district of Paris. It sites adjacent to the “Grand Arche” which was completed for the Bicentennial of the French Revolution. The building is used as follows:

Basement: Space for progress and innovation
1-5th storeys: Japan service and temporary offices
6-24th storeys: Offices for rent
25th storey: Japanese tea house and garden. Introducing the Japanese tradition and culture

Pacific Tower is based on the following concept:

1. Urban Gate

In the urban planning, Pacific Tower plays a role as a bridge and gate for pedestrians who access over the express highway from Valmy district to La Defense district. As Kurokawa was one of the jury for the International Design Competition for the Grand Arche, the harmony with the Grand Arche was carefully considered and its axis in relation to the urban landscape.

2. Urban Roof

Pacific Tower represents a type of “Urban Roof” which provides La Defense district with space for special events, recreation and relaxation for its citizens. The staircase under the large roof is used not only for the pedestrian access but also as an outdoor multi-purpose theater.

3. Symbiosis of the Japanese Culture and European Culture

The curtain wall facade of Pacific Tower expresses “Shoji”, a sliding door made of wood and paper, of Japanese architecture, and the curved facade expresses the tradition of masonry-structured architecture in Europe using precast stone.

On top of the building, there is an abstractly symbolized Japanese garden and tea ceremony room.

The bridge used for pedestrian access abstractly expresses the Japanese traditional “Taiko Bashi”, arch bridge. Through these means, the symbiosis of Japanese culture and European culture is displayed in Pacific Tower.

4. Symbiosis of the Tradition and the Future

Pacific Tower is an intelligent office building where top-level high technology is used. In its design, Pacific Tower is an example of how traditional culture and high technology exists in symbiosis.