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The Sporting Club at Illinois Center

Chicago, U.S.A.

Design/Construction 1987-1990

Building Area: 1,975.00m²
Total Floor Area: 10,450.00m²
Reinfored concrete
6 stories

This sporting club is first of the down town type clubs in big cities that The Sporting Club America is developing all over the U.S.A. It is located at the Illinois Center redevelopment in the down town of Chicago, and is surrounded with skyscrapers like Amoco building, offices and hotels.

The building's ample facilities are functionally laid out around a centrally located atrium. The atrium unifies the space, sweeping vertically through the whole building to erupt on the roof with four corner towers. Windmill-like sculptures set on each of the towers fit perfectly to the windy city Chicago.

The symbiosis of Japanese traditional patterns and colours with the otherwise thoroughly modern design further enriches this dynamic, truly innovative building.