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‘Building on tradition to provide creative and innovative design solutions'

KISHO KUROKAWA architect & associates entered the Nippon Koei Group in January 2015. Since then, the newborn KISHO KUROKAWA architect & associates has inherited the brand established by the founder, Kisho Kurokawa, and performed actively on design activities both domestically and globally. We have recently designed and are supporting the construction for: Renovation Project on Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art(To be completed in 2022);Renovation and Expansion Project on Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum(To be completed in 2023); Embassy of Indonesia at Tokyo (To be completed in 2024)

We will continue to develop to respond to the evolving needs of our clients.
Recent requirement of urban development and architecture has changed dramatically, and design philosophy is more important than ever. We will contribute to society focusing on our mission to create a new era through architecture and urban design building on the concept of “symbiosis” developed by the founder.

Tetsunari Gejo, Representative Director

Founder Kisho Kurokawa (1934 - 2007)

After the collapse of CIAM movement, Kisho Kurokawa predicted “shift from the age of machines to the age of life” in 1959.
Since Kisho Kurokawa started the Metabolism movement in 1960, he consistently challenged to create and study architecture and cities of the age of life.
The themes Kisho Kurokawa had raised, which were Metabolism, Symbiosis, Recycle, Ecology, Ecosystem, and Information, have become global themes now.

In the meantime, Kisho Kurokawa issued many literary works as a philosopher.
“Philosophy of Symbiosis” is well known throughout the world and was translated into English and German.
“Revolution of City” was published as his 100th literary work in 2006 by Chuokoronsha.