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Amber Hall (Kuji City Cultural Hall)

Kuji, Iwate, Japan

Design/Construction 1996-1999

Building Area: 5,529.60m²
Total Floor Area: 10,080.70m²
Steel and Reinfored Concrete
1 Basement Floor+ 4 Stories + 1 Penthouse

The main hall and smaller hall are placed back to back and share a central foyer space. This space can be divided using a partition wall. At the front of the building is the glass cone-shaped entrance hall. Within the hall is a space to enjoy a cup of tea and a space to enjoy the landscape. Visitors to Amber Hall, however, are directed to use the central foyer as the entrance rather than the glass entrance hall. The curve of the roof symbolizes the waves of the ocean, and the exterior wall is exposed concrete with titanium inlay. As the landmark for the town, the cone-shaped entrance hall is placed along the axis of the main street.