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Works and Projects
Fukui City Museum of Art

Fukui, Japan

Design/Construction 1993-1996

Building Area: 3,147.75m²
Total Floor Area: 5,262.84m²
Steel and Reinfored Concrete
1 Basement + 3 Stories + 1 Penthouse

The Fukui City Museum of Art is situated in the new Municipal Park of Fukui City. The permanent display of almost the entire collection of sculptor Hiroatsu Takada's works calls for a museum evincing transparency. Several works are also displayed outside, from where the openness of the museum can also be understood. In contrast, the central works of the exhibit are placed behind walls, creating the effect of a historical backdrop. The architecture is designed according to the dynamic curved fractal lines that trace the rolls and undulations of the surrounding park's landscape. The eaves extend far to protect the building from snow in winter and direct sunlight in summer. The sloping wall surface and roll blinds also help keeping out the afternoon sunlight.