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Melbourne Central

Melbourne, Australia

Design/Construction 1986-1991

Site Area: 26,067.00m²
Total Floor Area: 263,435.00m²

* The Tower

Total Floor Frea: 106,131.00m²
Steel Structure + Reinfored Concrete
4 Fasement Floors+ 53 Stories

* Shopping Center (Atrium annex)

Total Floor Area: 92,096.00m²
Steel Structure (Atrium) + Reinfored Concrete
4 Basement Floors + 6 Stories + 2 Penthouses

* Shopping Center (Lonsdale annex)

Total Floor Area: 45,208.00m²
Steel Structure (Pedestrian bridge) + Reinfored concrete
4 Basement Floors + 3 Stories + 2 Penthouses

The building complex is located in the central business district of Melbourne.

It is composed of various elements of offices, retail, and multi-use entertainment facilities. The highrise skyscraper of the complex will incorporate rental office space.

The complex also includes a large glass cone, inside which the existing old Shot Tower is preserved. This cone forms an atrium at the centre of the shopping complex, and the relationship between the past and the present gives the building a feeling of symbiotic co-existance.
The office tower follows the concept of skyscraper design as a "Crystal Cut" volume. Within the smooth shape, the facades are a composition of heterogeneous materials, such as stone, aluminum panel, reflective glass and tinted glass.

At the top of the tower, high-technology communication equipment is visible. The lower part of the building is more traditional in design. The facade represents a transition, from the solid city building at the base, which slowly evaporates towards the sky.

The basic concept of Melbourne Central consists of the four following targets:

1. The Symbiosis of History and the Present

The existing shot tower located on the redevelopment site is not necessarily important from the architectural point of view. It is, however, an important landmark with which the citizens of Melbourne are familiar. This historical testimony is enclosed in the conic glass atrium. It is important to preserve historical buildings while making the most of them in the present town.

2. The Crystal Cut Office Tower

The form of the high-rise crystal cut office tower has the same concept with the Central Plaza in Brisbane which I have designed. The mullion pattern on the facade is introduced to avoid the uniformity.

3. Abstraction or Pure Geometry

One of the methods to create multivalent and ambivalent architecture is to quote fragments of historical symbols. The other method is to quote abstract forms which are the achievements of modern architecture and modern art. Abstraction can be freely interpreted, to produce multivalent meaning. In this project, various abstract forms are quoted, such as rectangle, cone, inverted-cone (concave conically-shaped cut-out in the facade), and sphere (dome).

4. The Symbiosis of Various Functions

The contemporary city has lost vitality which was produced by overlaying and compounding various functions. Melbourne Central is aiming at the complex which vitalizes a city.