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Shiga Kogen Roman Art Museum

Yamanouchi, Nagano, Japan

Design/Construction 1994-1997

Building Area: 1,014.53m²
Total Floor Area: 1,684.11m²
Reinfored Concrete, Wooden Construction
2 Stories

The art museum is situated at the base of Kanbayashi Ski Run in Shiga Kogen Ski Resort, which played host to the Nagano Olympics. A small brook flows by the site which is blessed with abundant nature. The town of Yamanouchi gave birth to Chinese-style painter and this museum houses some 70 pieces created by Katei Kodama and his school. In addition, a donation of Edo, Meiji and Taisho era artifacts, collected by the eminent artist Nobutaka Oka and his forefathers are exhibited together with a collection of Roman and antique iridescent glass. Part of the Roman glass collection is placed in a specially designed conical glass cases.
The fragmented elliptical shape of the structure introduces elements of light, shadow, wind and landscape into the spatial composition. A stream winds its way around the building which has been designed with a gently sloping roof to prevent the accumulation of snow. The museum shop and cafe are housed in a transparent, cone-shaped structure. Although sponsored by the town, the art museum will also be assisted by the cooperation of local citizen's groups.