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Works and Projects
Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum

Katsuyama,Fukui, Japan

Design/Construction 1996-2000

Building area: 8,792.00m²

Total floor area: 15,000.00m²

Steel and reinfored concrete

1 basement + 3 stories

Japan's first dinosaur museum and research center is located in Katsuyama City, the largest excavation site of prehistoric remains in Japan.
Visitors first enter the museum by taking an escalator from the ground floor, and are then guided through a display of fossils still embedded in rock, and then, quite suddenly, enter an enormous exhibition hall.
Because the display path opens up into a gigantic space, one can understand their place in the museum.
This understanding of place creates a space for the visitor to take part in the display, allowing it to be an interactive experience.
Placed as though buried in the center of the topography, the abstract rotated ellipse shape of the research section stands out.

* The 10th Public Architecture Award, Prize for Excellent Work, 2006