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Conceptual Planning of Kunming Air Harbor Economic Zone

Kunming, P.R. China

Design Period:Aug. 2005 - Nov. 2005
Site Area:3000 ha
Residential Population:180,000
Total Working Population:154,000

Design Concept

This project aims to propose conceptual urban planning for the Economic Zone around the New Kunming International Airport, which is expected to bring in a large demand as a logistic hub of the air transportation in Asia. The planning of the Kunming Air Harbor Economic Zone is realized as having the following three basic important concepts:
-It is to be an “international airport city” which boasts attractive access to the international air transportation and cutting edge industry, taking advantage of these industries, exploiting this potential of the close proximity to the international airport.
-It is to be an “ecological and garden city” which provides residents with an eco-corridor formed by preserved landscape in the surrounding area including mountains, rivers, lakes, and also green roadside spaces and empty lots that function as parks.
-It is to be a “logistic hub city” which makes a shift to freight system with general logistic terminals in order to alleviate the congested and diversified logistic system.