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Works and Projects
Yilanzhai Art Museum

Nanjing, China

Design: September, 2003 - January, 2004
Construction:October, 2005
Site area: 96,700m²
Building area:12,000m²
Total floor area:21,032m²
Structure: Reinforced concrete, partly steel structure
3 stories + 1 basement floor

Design Concept

Yilanzhai Art Museum is an architecture of walls. Four walls correspond to four different areas. The south-east wall of the museum plays a role of the facade plaza and approach way for visitors. The south-west area houses a gallery and craft workshops. The north-east area is a service area including carry-in-out-entrance, car parking and staff entrance. The north-west area is mainly an exhibition space for the new western corridor.
The entire public space of the museum except for storage and exhibition rooms is finished with transparent glazing, and the inside and outside of the museum present a continuous space assimilating with the surrounding nature and becoming an air.
The surrounding water pond and architecture exist in symbiosis, as the water level is precisely repeating the floor level of the architecture.