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Works and Projects
St. Petersburg Football Stadium

Design/ Construction2007 – 2017
LocationKrestovsky island, St.Petersburg
The total floor area190,000 m2
(inclusive of 6630 sq. m of the existing podiums)
The overall internal volume
of the structure
3,321,501 m3
(inclusive of 36080 cub. m of the existing podiums)
Tiers capacity68000 seats (inclusive of 2000 seats for the mass media)
Car parking capacity1200 cars

St. Petersburg Football Stadium, located at the western tip of the Krestovsky Island with its commanding view towards the Gulf of Finland, is designed as a prestigious Landmark Stadium characterized by its symbolic masts suspending its gigantic flat roof.

In order to meet the project requirements, various up-to-date technologies are applied, such as the movable field system to keep the turf fresh throughout a year, the retractable roof with hot air-inflated membrane structure to melt the snow in winter and etc.

The stadium is also designed as a sustainable and environment-friendly eco-architecture where most advanced environmental technologies are introduced such as the rainwater and drainage water recycling system, the use of solar energy and etc.

The stadium functions not only as a football stadium to comply with FIFA standards but also as a multi-purpose stadium for other various large scale events. And therefore, the master-plan for the entire Krestovsky Island was also prepared, taking into consideration of overall landscape and traffic system, in order to provide the citizen of Saint Petersburg with the enjoyable place for sports, tourism, entertainment and other recreational activities throughout the year.