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Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art

Hiroshima - City, Hiroshima , Japan

Design / Construction : 1986/1988

Building Area : 3,710m²
Total Floor Area : 9,291m²
Steel and Reinforced Concrete
2 Basement Floors + 2 Floors

Located on the top of Hijiyama Mountain, it is the first post-war art museum built in Japan after the war. The circular space at the center of the architecture is intentionally empty, the cut notch indicating the direction where the atomic bomb was dropped. The stones beneath the columns are those exposed to the bomb. The left side of the central circular space houses the museum's permanent collection, and the right side hosts the special exhibitions. The many gabled roofs come together as an entity like that of a village, the symbiosis between part and whole.

* Grand Prix with Gold Medal at "The Fifth World Biennale of Architecture", Sofia, 1989
* 1990 Prize of Architectural Institute of Japan