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I have been appointed as the representative director of KISHO KUROKAWA architect & associates (KKAA). The new company has taken over the business operation of the former KKAA, which had filed for civil rehabilitation proceedings at the end of last year, and KKAA will create a fresh beginning. Except for the liabilities of the previous company, the new company will succeed its name, business achievements and employees in their entirety.
Therefore, KKAA’s business operation will continue as usual but with a more firm and consolidated business structure.
Since the decease of Dr. Kisho Kurokawa, just as he had foreseen, the era has become a time in which architecture and urban design increasingly should reflect social trends while the importance of expressing the age is raising.
I myself, being an urban planner, have made my own acquaintance with Dr. Kurokawa and received his moral influence through his major master planning project, “the new capital planning of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana.” Through his thorough instructions and teachings, the design method of architecture and master planning based on “Philosophy of Symbiosis” is inherited deeply in me. With this base as a starting point, we will continue our mission and keep practicing to create quality design works which will contribute substantially to the community.
We sincerely appreciate your continuous support and collaboration for this new beginning.

Koji Yamada, Representative Director

Founder Kisho Kurokawa (1934 - 2007)

After the collapse of CIAM movement, Kisho Kurokawa predicted “shift from the age of machines to the age of life” in 1959.
Since Kisho Kurokawa started the Metabolism movement in 1960, he consistently challenged to create and study architecture and cities of the age of life.
The themes Kisho Kurokawa had raised, which were Metabolism, Symbiosis, Recycle, Ecology, Ecosystem, and Information, have become global themes now.

In the meantime, Kisho Kurokawa issued many literary works as a philosopher.
“Philosophy of Symbiosis” is well known throughout the world and was translated into English and German.
“Revolution of City” was published as his 100th literary work in 2006 by Chuokoronsha.