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Works and Projects
Head Office of the Fukuoka Bank

Naka-ku, Fukuoka-City, Fukuoka, Japan 

Design / Construction:1971‐1975

Building Area:2,904.24m²
Total Floor Area:30,812.36m²
Steel and Reinforced Concrete
4 Basement Floors + 12 Floors

The large plaza under a large overhang belongs to the Fukuoka Bank, and is also accessible to the citizens. In this sense, it forms an intermediate space between a private space and a public space. This kind of intermediate space between exterior and interior or between private and public has its roots in traditional Japanese architecture, "Engawa".

The citizens can enjoy and relax with a big tree of "Horuto" and up to 200 other trees, as well as representative sculptures of contemporary Japan.

The plaza under a large overhang, especially the preliminary concept, has succeeded in the scheme of Grand Arche in Paris- La D'efense by Spreckelsen.

En-space or intermediate space was created by a large overhang formed by the ninth floor of this bank. The intermediary, semi-public space thus formed prevents sharp distinctions between outside and inside, and constitutes a contrast with the Western square or plaza. The gray tone neutralizes the building's overwhelming mass and structure of the building into a refined atmosphere.

* The 18th BCS Award, 1978
* The 1st Fukuoka City Landscape Award, 1988
* The 9th JIA Twenty-five Year Award, 2009
* Selected as one of the 164 listings of DOCOMOMO Japan“Modern Movement of Architecture in Japan," 2013