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Notice of Fukuoka Bank Head Office Receives 28th BELCA Award
We received the 28th BELCA Award in the Long Life category. The BELCA Award is presented by the Building and Equipment Long-life Cycle Association, a public interest incorporated association.
The award is divided into two categories: Long Life and Best Renovation. From among outstanding existing buildings, the excellent one is selected and the award is given to the relevant parties.
For the Long Life category, the building selected is one which was designed for long-term use, has been maintained appropriately for a long time, and which is planned to be maintained for many years to come.
One of the buildings that received the award at the 28th BELCA Awards was the Bank of Fukuoka Head Office Building designed by KISHO KUROKAWA and completed in 1975.
The Award was given by the selection committee for the granite building's elegant appearance, which is still making a significant contribution to the creation of urban landscapes 43 years after its construction.
Also, its updated functions are in line with the times yet respect the originality of this building, and its implementation of future maintenance plans takes BCP into account.

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