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Shonan“Life Town” Development (Fujisawa New Town)

Fujisawa,Kanagawa Japan

Design: 1967

Design Concept

The “winding road” as a means to achieve symbiosis of the past and the future

Shonan Life Town is located in the northern part of Fujisawa City, Kanagawa, and its projected population is 450,000 people. The most important vision this planning process strives to actualize is the combination of the traditional agricultural society with a new residential community. It is the symbiosis of the agricultural village and the urban city, the past and the future. In turn this planning concept not only preserves the existing agricultural industry, but, more importantly preserves the traditional community and interpersonal relationships.

1. Agricultural Land
1) A unit of cultivated land measure approximately 1,000 m2 (36m x 27m), and as a general rule, the existing land will continue to be utilized as it has been.
2) For the future residential development, the ideal size of one property unit is 250 square meters, or one quarter of the 1,000 m2 unit.

2. Pedestrian Walkway Network
1) A 4-m wide main walkway within each residential block makes it possible to access the arterial walkways within the residential blocks without having to cross roads of automobile traffic.
2) A secondary path system connects the farmlands.

3. Road System
1) A complete cul-de-sac system is employed. 4-m wide secondary road loops to connect to the 6-m wide main arterial road.
2) Guest parking space and maneuvering space is provided at the end of the 6-m wide arterial road.